Single Owner Machine

The Bacci MOD slot mortiser makes slots and dowel holes for tenons, on furniture it is particularly suitable for the manufacturing chairs, tables, and solid wood components. The sturdy construction and the use of high quality materials and components make the MDO a very reliable machine. Two working tables move alternately towards the tool allowing the operator to load/unload the work piece while the other piece is being machined. This system eliminates idle times and allows the control of the machine by one operator.

The oscillation movement and revolution of the bits are controlled by two separate motors. The speed of the oscillation movement is adjustable by the operator thus allowing the optimum cut at all times, The machine can also be used as a boring machine.

The two worktables are adjustable in height and depth independently one to the other. They are also tiltable up to 25°. The forward speed of the tables is hydraulically controlled and adjustable in order to have a constant and smooth movement. The return speed is automatically made at high speed.

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