Laguna, Industrial 25″ Planer With 10HP 1PH

Laguna, Industrial 25″ Planer With 10HP 1PH

SKU: MPLAN25-10-1-0130

The Industrial 25” Planer brings a whole new standard for Heavy Duty thickness planers.  The 10HP 1 Phase motor makes sure you never run out of power even when planing full 25” boards.

Oversized bearing housings ensure ultra-smooth, quiet performance and long life. Most thickness- planers in this class have only 2 or 4 speeds and it seems they never have the right speed for the job. The Laguna 25” comes standard with Electronic Variable Speed meaning you will ALWAYS have the exact speed required.

Another feature not normally found in this class is the standard PLC control which allows you to simply enter in the desired height and the bed moves automatically to that setting. You’ll never want to go back to turning a hand wheel to find your thickness (or even holding down a button for that matter!). The PLC in the Laguna Industrial 25” planer also has automatic backlash compensation ensuring exact thicknesses.

Of course no world class planer would be complete without our incredible ShearTec II cutter head, which boasts 6 rows of 4 sided German carbide inserts for a total of 174 knives!

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