Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamp Model: #717A-M

Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamp Model: #717A-M

SKU: 717A-M

Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamp
Model: #717A-M

JLT Clamps introduces The Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamp. A redesign of our classic JLT Miter Door Clamp, now with new and improved features. An intuitive pin system allows for easy changeovers, while the new design allows for precise clamping and squaring of narrow stile miter doors and drawer fronts.


  • 26″ x 62″ Maximum capacity.
  • Minimum 9″ Clamping Capacity.
  • Precise and Accurate Squaring of both Miter and Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors.
  • Includes (2) Vertical Clamps & (2) Horizontal Clamps.
  • Includes (4) Dial Regulators for Pressure Adjustment on Each Clamp.
  • Easy to use, Single Lever Operation.
  • Fast Changeovers
  • 15 Degree Working Angle

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