Northtech, NT 660S-20HCVS-2034 Single Surface Planer

Northtech, NT 660S-20HCVS-2034 Single Surface Planer


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NT 660S-20HCVS-2034 Single Surface Planer
• Helical 4" cutterhead provides high chip removal rate, superior surface finish & low noise level (under 85 dba).
• Powerful 20HP cutterhead motor; 2HP feed motor makes this planer ideal for heavy  duty planing and meets high production requirements. Arranged with Y-Delta soft start controls (Square D).
•Main motor is Nema rated and standard with 2 year warranty and service throughout  North America.
• Digital positioning controller for convenient thickness setting (with memory control to 99 thickness settings).
• Variable feed speed is driven by a VFD and TECO inverter duty DC motor (0-90' min) with LED readout of  feeding speed.
• Powered table elevation for fast and convenient thickness setting. Opening has been increased to 12" on  NT-660S series planers vs. 8" on the standard NT-660 planers.  
• Extra heavy, rib reinforced cast iron table is surface precision ground. 660S-20HCVS has (4) precision 35mm  jack screws to support the planer's rugged construction.
• Adjustable bed rollers ensure fast and proper positioning with regards to rough lumber to finished   glue panels.
• UV rubber outfeed roller provides optimum finish with reduced vibration.
• Corrugated sectional infeed roller has independent yield for running strip stock of varying thickness without  the danger of kick back.
• Anti-kickback fingers equipped at the infeed end provide added safety for the operator.
• Raising and lowering limit controls for powered table elevation

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