Northtech, NT PN14 Panel Notcher

Northtech, NT PN14 Panel Notcher


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NT PN14 Panel Notcher


• 90° Notcher

• Air over hydraulic operation for quick and stable strokes

• (2) 5HP arbor motors

• Linear guide bearing for repeatable precision

• 7” stack height

• 5-1/4” x 5-1/4” cut depth

• Easy blade adjusts for blade wear compensation

• Quickly adjustable stroke setting

• (2) 14” carbide tipped saw blades included

• (4) Vertical clamps for premium part hold

• Net weight: 908 lbs.

• Gross weight: 1102 lbs.

• Machine dimensions: (L) 39”" x (W) 36" x (H) 63-1/2"

• Packing dimensions: (L) 48” x (W) 44" x (H) 69"

• (1) Tool box

• Warranty is one-year parts

• All machines are tested stateside prior to shipment providing trouble free start up.


NT PN14 Vertical Panel Notcher

* Inclusive with dual linear guideways

and dual support roller bearings



• Specially designed for cutting tall work pieces

• Saw blades feed vertically. Maximum height of. cutting is 7''.

• Two staggered saw blades are perfectly positioned at 45°

vertically to reduce work piece waste to a minimum.

• Saw blades move vertically on two precision shafts, assuring

consistent cutting.

• Compensation for saw blade wear is easy to adjust.

• Saw blade height Is adjustable for saving time during cycle.

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