Laguna, I|Flux: 5 Elite Dust Collector

Laguna, I|Flux: 5 Elite Dust Collector


The machining of MDF, Melpomene, Painted Panels, and other man made material creates a very fine and harmful dust to the surrounding operators. For the dust collector it is even worse; the filters get clogged and the bags can even blow off causing a dust cloud of harmful particulate into the shop.


The iFlux|5 Elite has solved this issue by using an appropriate filter arrangement with 286 square feet of surface area – double that of a typical 5HP collector. To do this, we used a smaller diameter bag, and a lot more of them. This arrangement maximizes the amount of surface area possible which is vital to adequate airflow through the collector.


Keeping these filters clean was addressed in the design. The positive pressure chamber pushes the air through the filters as the dust falls in the EZlift waste bins. As the dust cakes on, it will fall into the bin. A shaking mechanism has been added to help release the caked dust.


The i|Flux Elite series has been tested in the assembly line, and it is ready for all fine dust applications. CNC Router dust collection and wide belt sanding dust collection will be best suited for the iFlux Series.

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