Large Capacity Miter Door Clamp Model: #717A-8-M

No longer available

Large Capacity Miter Door Clamp Model: #717A-8-M

Dundee, NY



Large Capacity Miter Door Clamp with 36″ x 97″ Maximum capacity.

Minimum 9″ Clamping Capacity.

Includes (2) Vertical Clamps & (2) Horizontal Clamps.

Each clamp includes the JLT Dial Control System for fine adjustments, which is simple and easy to use.

This innovative Dial Control System allows for adjustments in BOTH directions while the door is under clamping pressure

Precise and Accurate Squaring for both Miter and Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors

Precisely Clamp and Square MDF or HDF Doors too!!

Easy to use, Single Lever Operation.

Fast Changeovers

60 Degree Working Angle

Enhanced Features from the Tried & True #79K Design:

Intuitive Pin System allows an even Quicker and Easier setup than ever before.

Cylinders Located in the back of the machine to Provide Operator with Additional Working Space.

Redesigned Jaws with Thumb Plate for Increased Efficiency.

Thicker Push Bars Decrease Daily Wear and Tear.


Machine Footprint: 116″L x 70″H x 44″W


Stock Number717A-8-M