Adaptive Cutting System Versa-Stops

Adaptive Cutting System Versa-Stops

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Versa-Stops fit into holes machined in the Adaptive Cutting System Project Table to hold workpieces, and to position them precisely for 90° and 45° cuts. This set of four is just like the Versa-Stops that come with the Project Table. Made from durable anodized aluminum, Versa-Stops are sold as a set of four with two different sizes. Two are short to slip easily under the 62" Guide Track and position materials while cutting. The other two are taller and are used on areas of the Project Table that are not covered by the Guide Track. Sold as a set of four (two tall, two short). Also included with the Project Table Top. Versa-Stops can be used as bench dogs in any bench with 3/4"-diameter dog holes. Their aluminum construction makes them strong, but they won’t damage bits or blades like steel dogs can in the event of accidental contact.


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