2x Protec-Kote™ Deck Screws - 100ct.

2x Protec-Kote™ Deck Screws - 100ct.

SKU: SDK-C262W-100

2x Protec-Kote™ Deck Screws - 100ct.

  • Flat-bottom head that won’t split the workpiece
  • KTX square driver for solid driver engagement
  • Protec-Kote™ provides strong protection against the elements
  • Case-hardened steel means no bending or breaking
  • Self-tapping tip for faster, easier driving
  • Neutral color blends in with most decks

These high-quality decking screws are perfect for use with the Kreg Deck Jig™ or as a general fastener for a wide variety of deck projects. Protec-Kote™ features three anti-corrosion layers chemically-combined to provide strong protection against rust and corrosion in many common outdoor applications. Perfect for ACQ-treated lumber.


This kit includes 100 Protec-Kote™ deck screws. 525-count packages are also available.


NOTE: Using the Kreg Deck Jig on 2x and thicker decking materials requires special instructions.

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