Fletcher, FM-2000 Contour Edge Bander

Fletcher, FM-2000 Contour Edgebander

SKU: FM-2000
  • Unit to run strip veneer or plastic, coil rolls of PVC, melamine or wood veneer.
  • Glue-pot is of overhead construction for gravity feeding of hot melt glue.
  • Glue from applicator rolls controlled by easily adjustable regulating gates.
  • Glue-pot has two heat zones for maximum pot life of glue.
  • Glue-pot temperature controls with safety interlock so that applicator does not run until unit reaches operating temperature.
  • Very accurate controls of band length to allow butt joint or round tables.
  • Drive roller diameter 1-3/4" covered with silicone.
  • Foot pedal control for advancement of band.
  • Foot pedal emergency stop.

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