Laguna, E|Flux 1HP Fume Extractor / Air Cleaner

Laguna, E|Flux 1HP Fume Extractor / Air Cleaner


The E|Flux is designed to extract the unwanted chemicals and fine debris from the air using advanced filtration and adsorption techniques. It can be used as an extraction machine with the 4” inlet or as an ambient air cleaning machine with the air calculator lid.

The machine can be turned on and off with the included HF remote control. Laguna Tools offers low cost and readily available filter replacements.



  • 450CFM Fume Extractor And Industrial Quality 1000CFM Air Circulator
  • Interchangeable, Easily Replaceable, High Quality Filters
  • Multi-Purpose Machine
  • Modular Design To Fit Different Applications
  • Laguna Clean Air Design


70 mph air flow. The competition? About 40. The Eflux|1 is equipped with a 1hp TEFC motor and 12” precision balanced fan. The result is a wicked fast 6100 ft/min (or 70mph) air stream straight through the inlet. This equates to a volumetric flow rate of 450CFM. How impressive is this? The next time you are out on the road going 70mph on the open road roll down the window. That’s the same power the EFLUX 1 supplies to clean air.



Prior to Fume Abatement, the Laguna Eflux is a four stage filtration machine:

  • The first stage is an Aluminum spark arrest filter, which is very porous and is designed to stop any sparks that may come through the fume extractor. Additionally, it will catch debris and cutout material that may be extracted.
  • A low-cost consumable pre-filter rated for high air flow and 100 micron efficiency. This Filter will need to be replaced often, it is a good idea to purchase extras.
  • The third stage is a pleated 6Micron pre-filter that will catch small particles of dust and protect the HEPA Filter from contaminants.
  • The final particulate filter is a premium HEPA approved 0.02 micron deep pleat filter that removes the smallest particles prior to fume abatement

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