Northtech, NT 770HSK Spindle Shaper

Northtech, NT 770HSK Spindle Shaper


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NT 770HSK Spindle Shaper


• 3,000 - 13,350RPM, 10HP inverter controlled spindle

• (1) 1-1/4'' x 4’’ HSK-63F spindle included

• HSK-63F spindle release system is developed by Andi CNC Machining Centers

• Spindle tolerance of .0001" *

• Includes sensor light to ensure proper mating of the

chucks as well as correct full pneumatic pressure for safety

• Moveable overarm control panel

• 35" Ergonomically designed precision milled table

• (1) Tool box

• Warranty is one year parts

• All machines are tested stateside prior to shipment providing trouble free start up.

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