Used Castle TSM-35 Pocket Hole Cutter Machine

Used Castle TSM-35 Pocket Hole Cutter Machine

SKU: U11220

Used Cleaned and Checked

The Three-Phase Pocket Cutter Machine TSM-35 cuts the same patented six degree Castle Pocket as the TSM-22.This machine is designed for continuous production in furniture plants, mobile home factories, multi-shift cabinet production and so much more. A heavy duty, three-phase induction motor drives the pocket cutting spindle and is available in 230v or 460v. A specially-designed, high-torque, heavy-duty air motor drives the pilot bit.

The TSM-35 features heavy duty construction throughout with easy, top-down access for quick router and drill bit changes. Adjustable Indexing Stops are built into the top for quick part transitions during high production shifts. The TSM-35 can produce more than a quarter million pockets per month for years on end with minimal maintenance.

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