Laguna PS3 Profile Brush Sander

Laguna PS3 Profile Brush Sander

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The PS3 Profile sander is a 220 Volt Single Phase workhorse. Features include two brush sanding stations which can be used by two operators at the same time. The machine is a variable speed (RPM) brush sander, which can be used to sand a variety of shapes and profiles. The brush can be used to gently round edges or, with the correct abrasives and machine settings, actually round edges. Scuff sanding a finish coat is a natural application. The benefit of brush sanding raw wood is that the brushes will remove much of the loose fibers in the raw state and open pores for uniform finish penetration. Many variations of abrasives (grit, length, etc.) and machine settings are possible for an extremely wide array of applications. This model has twice the working width as compared to the PS2 and is great for large parts or long production runs.


  • Infinitely adjustable brush RPM
  • (2) 4″ Dust Ports
  • Accepts a wide variety of abrasives


Stock NumberF200MA-4U
Power1.3HP, 220V, Single Phase
Adjustable Brush Speed With Inverter50-400 RPM
Brush Length/Working Width(x2)15.8″
Brush Head Diameter10.6″
Machine Dimensions58″ x 25″ x 33″
Net Weight309 lbs.