Omga RADIAL 1250/7 Radial Arm Saw

Omga RADIAL 1250/7 Radial Arm Saw

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These precision radial arm saws are very versatile, multi-purpose machines. This versatility is due to the possibility of swiveling and tilting both in the horizontal and vertical axis which makes the machines especially suitable for furniture manufacturers, frame makers, sawmills and carpentry shops. There is a wide range of accessories available to adapt the machine to each and every requirement.


Dado Head Guard 12" x 2 3/8"

Pneumatic Hold-Down Clamp

Pneumatic Horizontal Clamp

Flip Over Stop

Pneumatic Flip-over Stop

Roller Table 6' X 24" RH

Roller Table 6' X 24" LH

3' Aluminum Fence Extension

6' Aluminum Fence Extension

Automatic Feed of the Head (RADIAL 1250)


ModelRADIAL 1250/7
Motor Power7
Saw Bore1"
Saw Diameter20"
Arbor Speed RPM3400
Bevel Positive Stops0-45
Cross Cut Capacity49 7/32"
Table Size68"x44"
Max. Dado Capacity1 3/4"
Miter Positive Stops45-0-45
Overall Dimensions80"x55"
Ripping Capacity59"
Shipping Weight Lbs.1078
Crated Dimensions79"x19"x55"