Larick 220 Profile Sander

Larick 220 Profile Sander

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The Model 220 Profile Sander is a two spindle machine designed for use with flexible brush type sanding wheels. The spindles are counter-rotating, allowing corners to be sanded without rounding over, and to sand in two directions. There are two height settings, allowing it to be used for both edge and panel sanding. In the raised position, the table moves toward the spindles, under the panel sanding wheel, providing support for small panels.

The Larick Model 220 features two counter-rotating spindles to be used with brush type sanding wheels. This allows parts to be sanded without noticeable rounding over on corners. The sanding technique is to sand the left corners on the right sander (CW rotation) and the right corners on the left sander (CCW rotation). This method has the brushes formed to the profile as they go over the corners.

The spindles move up or down together and are controlled by an air valve. Adjustable stops are used for positioning. In addition to the vertical spindle travel, the tabletop also moves back 2" when the spindles are raised. This provides support under the lower sanding head when sanding raised panels.

Motors: (2) 1 HP 6 pole 3ph 


Motor(2) 1 HP 6 pole 3ph
Arbor1" Dia. by 6" Tall Vertical Travel: 6"
Variable SpeedAC Inverter 100-1200 rpm
Table Travel2"
Table Height36 inches
Table Size60" x 24"
Air Pressure Required80 psi minimum
Dust Collection3" round, 250 cfm