Ritter R475EA Combination Face Frame and Door Clamping Easel

Ritter R475EA Combination Face Frame and Door Clamping Easel

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Frame assembly system for dowelled, mortise, and tenon, or screwed together frames and cabinet doors. Screwed-together face frame construction provides for the most efficient and economical methods for joining frames. Flush and tight joint construction is provided for all types of wood. Elimination of dowel boring and insertion, clamping time, and joint misalignment provide up to 50% time reduction in frame production. The ability to disassemble and reposition a joint creates less loss of material in case of errors in the joint location. No glue is required.

Standard Features:

  • 3'x6' Assembly Table
  • 30° Vertical Easel
  • Hold Down Beam with (3) Adjustable Hold Down Cylinders
  • 1-5/16" Clearance Under Vertical Cylinders
  • Squaring Bars on Left, Right and Bottom Sides
  • (4) Universal Clamping Cylinders & Manifold
  • 706.8 LBS of force at 100 PSI
  • 2" Cylinder Position Grid Pattern
  • 3" Bore Clamp Cylinder Housing
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Perforated Steel Table
  • 6 port Manifold with 1/4" NPT Regulator/Gage
  • Adjustable pressure from 20 to 130 PSI
  • Foot Treadle
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • (1) Coilhose for Pneumatic Screw Gun
  • Screw Gun Not Included

Additional options:

  • R475A - Face Frame Assembly Clamp Arm
  • U300E05 - Additional AC-20 Universal Clamp Cylinder
  • U37515 - Additional Manifold Assembly
  • U300E16 - Additional Foot Treadle Assembly


* Usable Table Area33.5" x 71"
* Work Height33.25"
Footprint91" L x 47" D x 67" H
* ElectricalN/A
* Air100 PSI
Shipping Weight714 LBS
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)48" X 96" X 27" H