Larick Model 410 Shaper/Sander

Larick Model 410 Shaper/Sander

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Designed and manufactured to give years of dependable service, the Larick 410 will shape and sand a wide variety of workpieces. Its features include a 6" wide feed chain with four staggered rows of hold down tires; front adjusting handwheels with digital readouts for horizontal and vertical shaper and sander positions; AC inverter controlled variable speed for shaper, sanders, and feed featuring digital readouts for speed and load; floating heads are optional which allow shaping and sanding of arched panels. The user friendly design and small footprint makes setup and profile changeovers quick and easy. 

Shaper Motor: 7.5 HP Belt Driven

Shaper Spindle Speed: 4000-7000 rpm

Shaper Spindle: 1-¼" Dia.

Sander Motors: 1.5 HP Direct Drive

Sander Spindle Speed: 400-1800 rpm 

Sander Spindles: 1" Dia. by 4" Tall

Voltage: 208-240V 3ph, 30A

 208-240V 1ph, 40A

 440V 3ph, 15A

Conveyor: 6" Wide, 4 rows of tires

Vertical Adjustment: Yes, with digital counters

Horizontal Adjustment: Yes, with digital counters

Sanding Wheel Tilt: 60º Forward; 40º Back

Fence: 5 adjustable stops

Table Height: 36 inches

Size: 75" x 36" x 54"

Weight: 1325 lbs


Model410 Shaper/Sander