Laguna, T|Flux: 5 Cyclone Dust Collector

Laguna, T|Flux: 5 Cyclone Dust Collector

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The T|Flux series from Laguna starts to get serious. The Titan cyclones are geared towards clients who desire a single central unit for the entire shop. The T|Flux cyclones are equipped with a 10″ port that splits into 3 x 4″, allowing you to run a large diameter pipe system throughout your shop with drops to the individual stations. All models are outfitted with smart drums which alert the user when the drums reach capacity. Automatic canister cleaning is controlled by a timer that turns on every work hour & runs 10 seconds clockwise & counter clockwise. The 1 micron canister has a huge surface area and filtrates 99.97% of particles ranging from 0.2 to 2 microns. Smart Drums comes standard with high quality casters and feature our unique quick disconnect design.

Shop Setting CFM*: 2450

Inlet CFM: 4295

Max Static Pressure (Inches of Water): 12.1″

Impeller/Fan Size: 16″

Impeller Material: Steel

Impeller Type: Radial Fin

Balanced To: ISO 1940

Inlet Diameter: 10″

Drum Capacity: 54 Gal

Octagon Drum: Low Pressure Suction

Drum Collection Bag (Dia. x L): Plastic Bag (740 x 1300mmL)

Canister Filter Type: Black 1 Micron

Filtration Efficiency: 1.2-2 Micron @ 99.97%

MERV Rating: 12

Canister Diameter: 600mm (23.62″)

Canister Length: 1200mm (47.24″)

Filter Surface Area: 15m²/162ft²

Canister Cleaning: Auto Clean (Gear Motor)/ Cleans every hour 10 sec clockwise, 10 sec counter-clockwise

Canister Filter Lower Dust Collection: Plastic Bag (610 x 600mmL)

Wheels: None

US/CSA Approved: Yes

Decibel Reading: 76dB(A)(@9.8ft)

Machine Weight: 325 kgs/717 lbs

Shipping Weight: 430 kgs / 948 lbs

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 75″ x 39″ x 80″

Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 73″ x 39″ x 111″ (1845 x 989 x 2810mm)


ModelT|Flux: 5
Stock NumberMDCTF52201