Comatic, AF04 Track Feeder

Comatic, AF04 Track Feeder

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1HP Track Power Feeder - Co-Matic 3 Belt Feeder - AF04

Made for Small Workpieces The AF04 Track Feeder is specifically manufactured to feed small workpieces smoothly and efficiently that tend to wobble when ran through standard 3 and 4 wheel power feeders. The AF04 feeder may be mounted for use with a variety of wood machinery, the most common of which are shapers and table saws.

Safety at Your Fingertips By keeping your hands away from cutting edges, our AF04 Track Feeder upholds Co-matic’s reputation for setting and maintaining high standards in woodworking safety while still remaining easy to use.

Keep Workpieces Stable Our roller spring suspension design generates friction and pressure on the workpiece. Workpieces with minor variations in thickness of up to 20mm (3/4″) are easily compensated via a roller spring left mechanism.

Even Feed Rate A continuous duty 1 horsepower motor provides the feed, ensuring that your feed rate is consistent and reliable. Actual feed rates are subject to blade sharpness, cutter rotational direction, and workpiece characteristics.

Simple Belt Replacements The belt that comes with the AF04 can be removed with a minimum of effort. Replacement belts can be purchased separately, with replacement times dependent on roller material, rate of use, and workpiece material.

Robust Mount and Stand The AF04 Track Feeder comes equipped with (US03 Feeder Stand) sturdy cast-iron vertical and horizontal support columns and universal joints that feature a “T” or “L” locking mechanisms for securing feeders into horizontal, vertical or angled-feeding positions.