Laguna, F1 Fusion Tablesaw

Laguna, F1 Fusion Tablesaw

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The new Laguna Fusion Table Saws are unlike any saw on the market. Having the same quality demands earned through the original fusion table saw, the new fusion line will not only impress but exceed the expectations you have come to expect from Laguna. With a completely redesigned trunnion and arbor controls that focuses on buttery smooth controls and longevity of the saw, we are sure this is the saw that will give you the perfect rip cut for many many years. Fusion Hi-Lo Dust Collection Fusion Over-Under Trunnions Polished Cast Iron Table Reset Switch Quick-Release Blade Guard and Spreader Riving Knife Included Push Stick Included Mitre Gauge Included Blade Changing Tool Included Integrated Tool Included Premium Handles Included 10 x 60T Carbide-Tipped Blade Premium Arbor and Motor Bearings


Stock NumberMTSF132110150-0130