Protec-Kote™ Deck Screws - 700ct.

Protec-Kote™ Deck Screws - 700ct.

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700 Protec-Kote™ 2" (51mm) Deck Screws Enough for a 10' (3048mm) x 20' (6096mm) deck with 16" (406mm) joists For use with the Kreg Deck Jig™ 3 anti-corrosion layers to prevent rust Perfect for many outdoor applications Great for ACQ-treated lumber These high-quality decking screws are designed for use with the Kreg Deck Jig™ or as a general fastener for a wide variety of deck projects. With a Protec-Kote™ finish, these screws features three anti-corrosion layers that provide great protection against rust and corrosion in many common outdoor applications, including ACQ-treated lumber. This kit includes 700 high-quality Protec-Kote™ 2" (50mm) Deck Screws. Approximately enough for a standard 10' (3048mm) x 20' (6096mm) deck with 16" (406mm) on-center deck joists. Also includes driver bit. 100-count packages are also available.


Stock NumberSDK-C2W-700