Bacci TSG 2T Twin Table Tenoning Machine

Bacci TSG 2T Twin Table Tenoning Machine

$9,000 (USD)

Dundee, NY

orCall +1 (607) 243-7167



Tenoning machine to execute tenons.

Continuous revolution movement of the cutter around the work piece.

Standard anti-splintering cycle.

Adjustments of thickness, length and tenon inclination can be done with the machine by movement through external wheels.

Table feed with hydraulic adjustment to avoid "stick-slip".

Support square for piece rotating around a fixed point.

Possibility to cut off, adjusting thickness to "zero".

Cast iron frame to eliminate vibrations.


Maximum Tenon width: 115mm + 2R

Maximum Tenon thickness: 0mm – 42mm

Maximum tenon depth: 10mm – 45mm

Maximum tenon depth (with special tool): 6mm – 90mm

Upward Inclination of table: 0 - 15°

Downward Inclination of table: 0 - 30°

Lateral inclination of table: 0 - 20°

Inclination of support guides: 0 - 45°

Inclination of cutter revolution axis: 0 - 90°

Spindle speed: 6,000 RPM/min

Motor power for cutter rotation: 4.0Hp

Motor power for cutter revolution: 1.0Hp


ModelTSG 2T