Laguna PX|20 ShearTec: II 20'' Planer

Laguna PX|20 ShearTec: II 20'' Planer

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The all-new PX|20 planer signals an innovative new design for Laguna planers. The Laguna PX|16 is loaded with new ergonomic features to make woodworking safer and more enjoyable.

PX|20 ShearTec II Standard Features:

Infeed and Outfeed Rollers - The PX|20 features infeed and outfeed rollers to assist with material loading and feeding while keeping a compact footprint

Digital Readout - The DRO has been moved to the control panel to provide better ergonomics and make precision settings easier

Ergonomic Control Panel - Machine controls have been moved to the control panel at the top of the machine and angled toward the machine operator for easy access and better visibility. Combined with the new cabinet, the PX|20 sports a sleek, modern design

Improved Dust Collection - The 4” diameter dust chute offers the option to point to right or left to optimize dust collection system layout

4-Post Bed Support - Provides precise and consistent performance with every cut

ShearTec II Cutterhead - The ShearTec II cuttherhead comes as standard equipment on PX|20 Planer. The ShearTec II is a 6-row carbide insert cutterhead that produces a superior surface finish on all woods including challenging hardwoods. The ShearTec II knives and fasteners have a T-step design to maximize clamping force on the knives preventing knife cracking and chatter. The 4-sided carbide insert knives produce a shear cut for flawless results. The ShearTec II cutterhead has deep grooves that make the cutterhead very quiet and improve shaving ejection. The 4-sided knives can be rotated for a new cutting edge without the need for a knife setting jig

Serrated Infeed Roller - The serrated infeed roller and pressure bar are mounted close to the cutterhead to virtually eliminate snipe


Motor                                 220v 5HP 1phase 60hz/23Amp.

CSA                                    Yes

Bed Size                                20 x 21-1/2"

Pull-Out Extension                        4"

Wheels Built-in                          Optional

Max. Depth of cut                        1/4"

Max. Stock Thickness                     8"

Min. Stock Thickness                     1/4"

Min. Stock Length                        8"

Max. Stock Width                        20"

Feed Speed                             16 & 28 FPM

Dust Port Diameter                       4" LEFT and RIGHT

Cutterhead RPM                         5000

Cutterhead Diameter                      3"

Cutterhead Insert #                       138 x 4-sided Carbide, 6 Row

Thickness Readout                       Wixey DRO

Dimensions set up approx.                 36"x36"

Dimensions Shipping                     42"x30"x46"

Net/Ship Weight # of boxes                lbs. 535/638 1Box


ModelPX|20 ShearTec: II